I''ve never seen this sitcom, but I wanted to learn more about it, hoping to gain a life lesson or two just by reading the script. However, either this sitcom is not very funny, or it's difficult to understand sitcoms unless you know the characters. I know the latter to be true, so I will not judge the funniness of 2 Broke Girls. I skimmed many episodes on Wikiquote, hoping to find something to add here, but I really could not bring myself to choose anything I read. I hope someone else has lessons from this sitcom to share.

Years after writing the first paragraph above, I did watch the show. It was not funny, but I guess I would not have expected it to be, since I saw an episode several seasons in. It's really difficult to join any sitcom at a later date, watch one episode, and actually find much at which to laugh. The girls were sassy and kind of stupid, but I think that's what people like.